Solar Microgrids in India

Solar microgrids in India

As in the rest of the world, India’s main power grid is based on alternating current (AC). This AC current is supplied to consumers at different voltages depending on their demand and type of loads. This saves in transmission losses but the infrastructure for voltage step-up and step-down comes at a cost and so grid power has not been able to reach distant villages and hamlets. The growth in solar power technology and decrease in cost of solar power systems has come up as a solution for this problem. Recent years, has seen growth of Direct Current (DC) Solar microgrids in India, particularly in villages. This article, examines the potential of Solar microgrids in context of India.

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How to reduce Electricity bill in India

Every time we get our electricity bill, there is a worry in our mind that it almost keeps on increasing. However, rather than doing anything we just keep it aside thinking that government decided electricity rates and you cannot do anything except pay, which is wrong. In fact, you can actually take some simple actions to reduce electricity bill.

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Different Types of Rooftop Solar Power System

Rooftop Solar Power System

Rooftop Solar System means solar power system installed at rooftops of residents, commercial buildings, institutions and industrial buildings. Electricity generated from these systems can be (1) used for self consumption (2) Fed into the grid at regulated feed in tariffs.

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