Net Metering Solar Rooftop Power System

The net metering based rooftop solar projects facilitates the self-consumption of electricity generating by the rooftop project and allows for feeding the surplus into the network of the distribution licensee. The electricity generated by the solar power system is first used to service consumer’s captive load within the rooftop owner’s premises. The solar power generated in excess of the owner’s electricity consumption is fed into the grid through a net-meter, which is a bi-directional energy meter capable of registering both import and export of electricity. This net generation is then credited to the owner’s account and adjusted subsequently against imports from the grid.



  • Simple and Safe system which gives Direct Savings in Electricity Bill Efficient, fit and forget system with least losses.
  • 25 years of Guaranteed Generation with Payback Period of 4-7 years
  • 50 of Solar Power Plant Generates 195- 220 Units of Electricity per Day Accelerated Depreciation on the Investment


  • No Back up will be given from the system, since solar power directly utilized
  • When power goes off (Grid or DG) Inverter will isolate from the system, stop feeding and Solar Power will go waste.
  • Normal meters will rotate in the same direction even when is exported to the grid and feed power will be charged, so load analysis is critical without net metering.


Yellow Haze Energy is a Solar Energy based startup focussed on improving consumer choices for electricity by use of Solar Power.