Rural Electrification: India


Definition of rural electrification:  A village will be deemed to be electrified if electricity is used in the inhabited locality within the revenue boundary of the village for any purpose whatsoever.

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NEWS: Delhi fixes criteria for solar power scheme

The Delhi Solar Policy promises a generation-based incentive for domestic consumers taking to rooftop solar power plants, the government plans to keep a minimum eligibility criterion for households to avail themselves of the scheme. Besides, it has proposed to offer the incentive on a first-cum-first-served basis.
According to the policy which is ready but awaiting the Chief Minister’s approval, consumers will get a generation-based incentive of Rs. 2 per unit of solar power generated from a domestic rooftop. The minimum eligibility criterion for the scheme has been prescribed at 1,000 units (kWh) per annum per kW.

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News – The Hindu- Handling the energy crisis

India will soon witness a new government in control. Among the multitude of burning issues, the new government will have to face the challenge of a growing energy crisis. It will require extraordinary effort, innovative vision and viable solutions to tackle the increasing demand for energy, while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. Energy commodities comprise gas, oil, coal, renewable energy and electricity.

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