State Wise Solar Farms In India

Solar Farms in India

Solar Farms 

Solar Farms are developed to generate Electricity at a Huge Scale using solar panels to power thousands of Houses and Businesses. These Solar Farms  feeds power to electrical grid. These Solar Farms can be between 1 acre to 100 acre, usually found in urban areas. These are also known as Solar parks or Solar fields. Solar farms does no harm to the nature, it is eco-friendly. 

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Different Types of Rooftop Solar Power System

Rooftop Solar Power System

Rooftop Solar System means solar power system installed at rooftops of residents, commercial buildings, institutions and industrial buildings. Electricity generated from these systems can be (1) used for self consumption (2) Fed into the grid at regulated feed in tariffs.

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Financial Models to go for Solar

Financial models for Solar, Capex vs Opex model, Boot Model for Solar

In India, Solar power plants are possible under three financial models:

A. Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Model

B. Operational Expenditure (OPEX) Model

C. Loan Model

The first one requires to pay an upfront cost, but the second one requires no such cost. Let us understand these models one by one.

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