How to calculate your solar power plant size ?

The most important question, any consumer faces is what is the appropriate size of solar power plant that is required for minimizing the electricity bill. In this post, we shall see, how to calculate the appropriate size of solar plant that is suitable for your house/institution or business.

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EP 31 Leader: Solar Lantern


The Leader EP-31 solar lantern has been designed as a replacement for the traditional kerosene lantern typically found in a rural off-grid household. Its familiar lantern-like shape makes it easy for customers to use and eliminates the need to purchase kerosene for light. It is much cheaper than the kerosene lamps and offsets the cost in the long run. It ensures safety – no more burns or fires. It enables customers to operate in otherwise dark environments, thus assisting additional income by means of agriculture, retail, etc. Moreover, it provides a more eco-friendly yet consistent solution to power problems faced by students making it easier for them to study longer and get better results.

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