EP 31 Leader: Solar Lantern


The Leader EP-31 solar lantern has been designed as a replacement for the traditional kerosene lantern typically found in a rural off-grid household. Its familiar lantern-like shape makes it easy for customers to use and eliminates the need to purchase kerosene for light. It is much cheaper than the kerosene lamps and offsets the cost in the long run. It ensures safety – no more burns or fires. It enables customers to operate in otherwise dark environments, thus assisting additional income by means of agriculture, retail, etc. Moreover, it provides a more eco-friendly yet consistent solution to power problems faced by students making it easier for them to study longer and get better results.

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Solar Water Heater

A Solar Water Heater utilizes heat energy of Sun Rays (solar energy) to increase temperature of water and stores this heated water in an insulated tank, for use throughout the day. The capacity or rating of solar water heaters is defined by amount of water that it can warm – LPD – liters per day. Solar water heaters (SWHs) of 100-300 litres capacity are suited for domestic application i.e. a family of 4-10 members.

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Smart Grid Technology (SGT)

Counted among the most important innovations of the 20th century, SGT is used to prevent wastage, tampering and misuse of electricity. Here communication technology plays a vital role, computer, microprocessors, micro-controllers etc are used to control the supply and distribution of electricity.

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