Financial Models to go for Solar

Financial models for Solar, Capex vs Opex model, Boot Model for Solar

In India, Solar power plants are possible under three financial models:

A. Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Model

B. Operational Expenditure (OPEX) Model

C. Loan Model

The first one requires to pay an upfront cost, but the second one requires no such cost. Let us understand these models one by one.

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Get Solar Power Plant at Zero Investment

Yellow Haze Zero investment Solar in India

In the last decade, concentration of greenhouse gasses has increased considerably in the atmosphere causing damage to the environment and adversely affecting the health of living organisms. Majority of these gases are produced during electricity generation by thermal plants. Switching to cleaner technologies like Solar is no more an option. However, cost of switching to solar power requires considerable investment and hence to make it mass phenomenon, there is need of innovative models like solar power plant at zero investment.

Yellow Haze Energy has financial innovation in its DNA and offers a unique business model for Institutional, Commercial & Industrial Customers in India. Under this model we invest and set up a solar project at your rooftop. We sell the generated power to you at a cost that is less than your current cost of power which guarantees you cost savings in electricity from day one.

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